Client APIs
At its core, SyncTV is an API driven service. The APIs themselves are easy enough for developers to understand, but understanding the ecosystem is a little trickier. We've created the following tutorials to help you get your head around it.


  • Account info

This document describes the API for reading the current account's media ownerships info.

Each call to the SyncTV V2 API described in this section requires an MD5 hash signature.
See the Authorization (User) API for details on generating the MD5 hash signature.


  • [GET] /api/v2/media/:id/info.[xml|json]

DEPRECATED: This API is deprecated and may be removed from future releases, use a combination of add_fields filter and the batch API call.

Returns the currently authorized account's ownership information for the specified media.

Required Arguments:
  • (Integer) access_id
    Access id returned from Authorization (User) client_authorize.
  • (String) signature
    MD5 hash encoded string of query parameters.
Example Request

The following URL requests account specific ownership information for media id = 1
Request Field:
  • (Integer) offset — Used for pagination of response data (default: 25 items per response). Specifies the offset of the next block of data to receive.
  • (Array) ownership[status] — Filter ownerships by status, same way as the ownerships API (E.G. ownership[status][]=-1&ownership[status][]=1).
Example Response

    <message>Successfully completed.</message>