Client APIs
At its core, SyncTV is an API driven service. The APIs themselves are easy enough for developers to understand, but understanding the ecosystem is a little trickier. We've created the following tutorials to help you get your head around it.


  • Account info

This document describes the API for reading information from an account_container_link.

Each call to the SyncTV V2 API described in this section requires an MD5 hash signature.
See the Authorization (User) API for details on generating the MD5 hash signature.


  • [GET] /api/v2/containers/:id/info.[xml|json]

Displays the ID of the specified container's container link.

Required Arguments:
  • (Integer) access_id
    Access id returned from Authorization (User) client_authorize.
  • (String) signature
    MD5 hash encoded string of query parameters.
Example Request

The following URL requests account specific information for container id = 1
Example Response

  <message>Successfully completed.</message>
Response Fields:
  • (Integer) account_container_link_id
    The unique identifier of the container link itself.